Software Testing Methodologies

Testing technologies increase efficiency and productivity of the web applications. Manual testing and automated testing are used to provide maximum efficiency. The skilled professionals at Cryptex deliver the quality work on time. It assures bug free delivery of the web application. Apart from providing the web applications, Cryptex also provides testing of third party applications. The team uses both manual and automated methods.

The process of testing provides the increased efficiency of the web application and the updated version over the internet platform. Selenium testing is preferred in automated testing.

Automated Web & Software Testing using Selenium


Selenium is a portable testing framework used for web applications. Selenium provides a record / playback tool for authoring tests that do not require a scripting language. Selenium can be deployed on Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms which are widely used. The beauty of Selenium is, it is open source software and can be downloaded easily.

Manual testing is also used at Cryptex. A tester provides to find and fix the bug. Both manual and automated testing at the Cryptex technologies provides developments and progress concerned with the client. Also, the team here interacts closely with the client to provide the requirements in less time. Quality assurance is kept as priority.

Cryptex while undertaking a third party testing does not treat it insubordinately. It makes sure the quality work reaches the client.