Database Development Services - PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL

Database Development Services - PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL

Database management is nothing but effective management and handling of the data. The valuable storage of the data is necessary. Cryptex Technologies offers creative efficient database development. These are designed in third normal form so as to provide the pace and accessibility. Proper indexes are implemented on the columns, which help resolve the scalability issues. Also, Cryptex provides implementation of referential integrity to avoid the faulty data. The database experts at Cryptex are flexibile and grasp the recent technologies with ease.

The genuine database designs are the proof that the client need not look for a better design in the market.

Cryptex uses

Known as Postgres, these are Object Relational Database Management System (ORDBMS). The emphasis of this is on extensibility and yardsticks compliance. PostgreSQL is available for a number of platforms including FreeBSD, Linux, Micrsoft Windows, Mac OS X.


It is a document-oriented database management system. Cryptex uses, Mongo DB for the projects that require document oriented approach. Features of Mongo DB include complete index support, high availability and replication, querying, auto-sharding, displaying of quick updates.


It is a popularly used open source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It is one of the most reliable options to create web applications and is widely used vital components of eminently used LAMP open source web applications.

The dedicated resources at Cryptex for database management and development services help get the best suited requirements for the clients according to the need of the business.