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Trusted Sharing

Trusted Sharing  apps use the intelligence of trusted networks to host better, more valuable conversations. Cryptex Technologies have worked on this application. This app use the intelligence of social networks to make it easy to tune into the people and topics you care about and to participate in deeper, more valuable conversations.

There are two related apps:
  • Trusted Sharing ConversationsTM make it easy to host a meeting, dialogue or collaboration, and to use your networks to gather feedback and spread ideas.
  • Trusted Sharing Feeds: automatically sorts your Twitter feeds based on levels of interest and trust; and gives you a new way to manage your social media relationships.
  • Make it easy to host an online conversation, meeting, or collaboration.
  • Use trusted networks to spread conversations and to increase trust and relevance.
  • Are flex-time conversations that complement and extend in-person and other same-time conversations.
  • Include special hosting features that can support the right hosting methods to make your conversations achieve their goals.
  • Are valuable for any size organization, facilitators and consultants, informal groups, and individuals interested in better conversations.