Ways to make UI more attractive.

Ways to make UI more attractive.

28 Sep 2022
Ways to make UI more attractive.

In Information Technology, User Interface Design or UI refers to the user interface design for websites, software, or applications. It focuses on programming the look of things, with a view to improving the user experience and facilitating usability.

Interface elements include:

Steps to become a self-taught UI designer:

Step 1: Learn the fundamentals of UX design.

Step 2: Acquire an eye for good design.

Step 3: Research & invest in the right software.

Step 4: Build a strong and diverse work portfolio.

Step 5: Be open to feedback (ask and learn from it)

Step 6: Get ready to acquire real-world work experience.

Mistakes to Avoid in UI Design:

  1. Not implementing a user-centered design: This is one of the important aspects of UI Design. When designing, you should be aware of the needs, problems, and preferences of the users. Avoiding these factors might have a negative impact on the company and may lead to its collapse.
  2. Not studying and understanding the target audience: Instead of designing from your own preferences, it is more important to design it from the customer’s perspective. Try to think and figure out what the customer would prefer. If possible, conduct a survey of some of your potential customers to truly understand their requirements & need.
  3. Excessive use of dynamic effects: Including too many animated effects is not synonymous with a great design. Avoid adding excessive decorative animations. This will help to provide an optimized user experience.

Add a background image to the page:

The first step is to start with what looks like a blank page. In the CSS, add a background image property to the <body> element to cover the entire page. By default, the background is duplicated.

Add the below-mentioned code:

body {

text-align: center;

background-image: url(‘autumn.jpg’);

background-size: 50%;




While looking at the bigger picture, it is easy to understand why User Interface Design or UI is important. It is the reason organizations either encounter success or failure. It is because of UI that your website speaks to your audience and the medium through which your audience understands your company.

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