Understanding JavaScript and its Functionalities

Understanding JavaScript and its Functionalities

19 Sep 2022
Understanding JavaScript and its Functionalities

A text-based programming language, JavaScript is used for both — client-side and server-side — which authorizes the user to make interactive web pages. HTML and CSS provide structure and style to the web pages and JavaScript provides interactive elements to the web pages to engage the user. Common examples of JavaScript include the search box function on Amazon, the news recap video function embedded on The New York Times, or the refreshing option on the Twitter feed. Incorporating JavaScript helps to enhance the web page user experience by recasting it from a static page to an interactive page. JavaScript adds behavior to your web pages.

Why JavaScript?

1. Adds interactive behavior to web pages

JavaScript permits users to interact with web pages. ​JavaScript enables developers to develop multiple things on a web page — like:
Display or hide data with one click

  • Change the color of a button by hovering the mouse over it
  • Slide through carousels on the landing page.
  • Zoom in or out function on an image
  • Show a timer or count-down on a website
  • Play audio/video on a web page
  • Exhibit animations
  • Employ a drop-down hamburger menu

2. Employed for creating web and mobile apps

Various JavaScript frameworks can be used for designing and building web and mobile apps. JavaScript frameworks provide a collection of JavaScript code libraries that equip developers with pre-written code for routine programming features and tasks-like a word-for-word framework to build websites or web applications. Popular JavaScript front-end frameworks include AngularReact, React Native, and Vue. Many enterprises employ Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment created on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine. Some famous instances include Paypal, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Uber.

3. Building web servers and designing server applications

Apart from web pages and applications, designers can use JavaScript to design simple servers and back-end frameworks with Node.js.

4. Game development

JavaScript can be used to build browser games. They are a great way for beginner developers to practice and perfect their JavaScript skills.

Why employ JavaScript over other programming languages?

  • It is the only popular programming language native to web browsers.
  • There is a low threshold to getting started with JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is an easy language to learn

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