New Ways To Conduct Performance Management During The Pandemic.

New Ways To Conduct Performance Management During The Pandemic.

03 Oct 2022
New Ways To Conduct Performance Management During The Pandemic.

With the increasing crisis and ongoing pandemic, the new normal has become a period of adjustment for all. It is becoming difficult to operate businesses as usual. Amidst this uncertainty, organizations are facing various challenges from managing crisis, and establishing effective communications to response planning, and maintaining continuity of business operations. We are all in a turbulent business cycle and everyone is concerned about their performance, the performance of the organization, and the teams.

For employees, this is a challenging time as they have to adjust to the new normal and still produce the same output. It is more important than before, to unite the employees around the common goal of performing their best to achieve a common business goal. Due to this, performance management systems have to change as well.

The purpose of employee performance evaluations:

Employee Performance Management is important for all organizations, as it is one of the key factors that drive the organization's success. It is essential for the effective management of individuals and teams to accomplish their goals and organizational success. Effective performance management helps to evaluate employees’ achievements and determine performance criteria for different roles.

With the ongoing pandemic, working from home is the new normal and it is essential to consider new ways to do performance evaluations.

1. Consider doing away with ratings:

It is recommended to temporarily suspend numerical ratings. Assessing your employees is going to be extremely challenging for many objective reasons. It is better to establish a flexible system to recognize the hardships employees are enduring. A narrative assessment will help to provide employees with valuable information about their work and where to improve.

2. Shifting from closed-door conversations to technology-based discussions:

Employing technology-based discussions with employees will enable managers and management to get reports instantly and create better connections. This can provide them with a better view of how they can assist the employees to improve those features and make better judgments.

3. Increasing support for employees working at home

The biggest barrier to being productive for remote workers is the presence of routines and family members that could distract them from work. It is important for management to employ strategies to keep their employees motivated and productive by establishing a stable work environment at home through regular check-ins.

Depending on the circumstances, organizations can adapt the performance management process that suits their work environment. It’s important to ensure that your employees feel equipped to adapt their daily responsibilities and goals in this new situation. Organizations need to adopt agile ways. ​Shifting the practice of conversation, increasing support for your employees, and making modifications to the performance metrics will help the organization ease into the sudden shift.

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