Learning Management System Proposal

Learning Management System Proposal

27 Sep 2022
Learning Management System Proposal

Cryptex Technologies provides customized LMS software development solutions according to the needs of clients.

Today, the Learning management system has not remained confined to a single application. Instead, it has created a drastic revolution in the modernized education sector and it is free to use. LMS or Learning Management Systems serves as an optimistic approach aimed at making amendments in the scenario of future education. The best thing about this exclusive product is that it is easily usable, mobile-friendly, and lets users save a huge amount of time.


LMS is the platform that is mostly implemented in schools, colleges, and universities. In COVID-19 times, almost all the educational institutes benefited the most from the Learning management system. Although LMS is not only limited to educational industries, it can also be used in corporate sectors where digital transfer of training knowledge is essential on a day-by-day basis. Recently we have implemented LMS for the Stock market trading sector -Avadhut Sathe.

Learning Management System and its scope will include the below points for educational purposes LMS:

1. Student/Teacher sign-up/sign-in

2. Upload Courses-PDF / Subjects- Sell Pdf Online

3. Assignments/Online test

4. Payment Gateway

5. Quiz, Grade, Certificate, Badge, etc.

6. Track Records/ Analytics

Advanced Features of LMS:

1. Customizable user profiles

2. It can be integrated with other applications like Blackboard, Google Classroom, etc.

3. Audio and video messages/ Conduct Video lectures

4. Collaborative workspaces

5. Cut and paste links from a Web browser

6. LTI integrations

7. Integrated tools like Google Docs and Etherpad

8. Supports external service integrations, like Facebook, Google

9. Open API

​Timeframe for implementing LMS:

LMS can be implemented within 2 days.

Pricing catalog:

1] The Basic plan costs $800USD for Full implementation of LMS excluding customization, and it will be ready within a couple of days.

Note: We can do customizations according to client requirements.

2] Monthly LMS Hosting plan has 4 options, You can choose any one from below:

Samples of LMS projects we have successfully Completed:

www.cornerstone.edu.in -Educational LMS

www.avadhutsathe.com -Stock Market LMS

www.completestudent.ca -Educational LMS

Do you also want to benefit your business with LMS?
Contact us! Select your LMS plan and get your own LMS done within 2 days.

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