How to Register on a Twilio Account? Steps to get Authy API key.

How to Register on a Twilio Account? Steps to get Authy API key.

21 Sep 2022
How to Register on a Twilio Account? Steps to get Authy API key.

Twilio’s SMS API is an adaptable structure block that can take you from sending your first instant message right to sending and getting millions. To send and Validate one-time passwords (OTPs) shipped off a client’s phone through SMS or voice. OTPs are a useful and easy emplace security tool for original phone verification at sign-up, ongoing login verification with two-factor authentication (2FA), transaction verification, and more. Twilio’s Verify API is a reason fabricated answer for sending OTPs with similar worldwide dependability.

Steps to Register on a Twilio Account:

Step1: Goto

Step 2: Register with the email address

Step 3: Get a mail for Confirm Your Email

Step 4: Log in with the email and click on the Button

Step 5: After verifying the phone no: Enter your mobile number.

Step 6: Get a verification code on registered mobile no after verifying successfully in the goto dashboard of Twilio.

Step 7: Edit the Project Name as your project name.

Step 8: We got an ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN in the Twilio dashboard copy the keys in your env file.

Step 9: Next we want Auth API key.

Steps to get Authy API Key:

  • Click on get started from the list available there.
  • Then click on verify phone no
  • Get a verification code on registered no.
  • The next step Create an application & get your API credentials to write your application name.
  • Next, add your first user email and mobile no.
  • Then click on Application select the Project name in the list and go to the setting tab we get an API key.

  • In the general setting, we get an API key copy the product key and use this key in your project.
  • The auth key also is in the secrete.yml file to replace the keys in your project.
  • Restart your server and run in production mode. And check your registered number to get the OTP as an SMS.

Conclusion: By following the above-mentioned steps, we can be easily registered with a Twilio account and get Authy API.

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