How To Configuring Sales Tax API

How To Configuring Sales Tax API

03 Oct 2022
How To Configuring Sales Tax API


TaxJar is one of the leading technology solutions for bustling eCommerce sellers to manage their sales tax. This tool is designed and developed to automate sales tax computing, recording, reporting, and tax filing. In regions of Quebec, nexus can help to determine whether to charge a higher tax rate or not.

  • If the order is shipped to Quebec but the merchant does not have nexus in Quebec, only 5% GST is collected on the shipped order.

  • If the merchant has nexus in Quebec, GST + QST is collected.

The spree framework is used particularly for making E-commerce sites. Most of the functionality is already available while some of the functionality is accomplished on the specific rails version. This framework can be used to make a full-featured E-commerce website in a shorter time span. It is the best framework to create an E-commerce website.


The framework provides features like-

  • Tax reports.

  • Simplified sales tax.

  • Street-level rooftop calculations.

  • Multiple nexus addresses per merchant.

  • Line item taxability and itemized discounts.

  • Sourcing logic for interstate and intrastate orders and shipments.



  • Ruby on rails

  • Spree framework



  • To find the API key of TaxJar sales tax

  • To configure TaxJar in the spree app



  1. Add the mentioned extension- gem 'spree_taxjar', github: 'vinsol-spree-contrib/spree_taxjar' - to your Gemfile.

  2. Install the gem using Bundler: bundle install.

  3. Copy & run migrations: bundle exec rails g spree_taxjar:install

  4. Run rails assets: precompile.

  5. Restart your server:

  • Create a new account with TaxJar. (

  • Go to Account >> SmartCalcs API to create the API token. This API token is required to estimate the sales tax from TaxJar over API.

  • Go to Account >> State Settings and click on the Add State with Nexus button to add each state where you need/require to collect the sales tax.

  1. Go to Admin >> Configurations >> TaxJar Settings:

  • Add the TaxJar API Token.

  • Check the TAXJAR ENABLED checkbox.

  • Check the TAXJAR DEBUG ENABLED for debugging issues.

  • Update the tax rates to the Spree/TaxJar calculator.

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