How to choose the right music distributor?

How to choose the right music distributor?

29 Sep 2022
How to choose the right music distributor?

Music distribution is as timeless as the music industry. With the music industry evolving at every step, independent artists are building their path in mainstream music. As an artist, it is important to find the right marketing and distribution company to upload your music to streaming platforms and help it reach an audience across the globe. There are many distribution companies that assist artists in putting their music out worldwide. All distribution companies have specific features that separate them from one another, which is why it is important to find the one organization that works best for you.

The role of the distributors is to get the music into the stores. They are an integral part of the recording chain. They are responsible for three core roles:

  • Distributing Releases across all platforms
  • Royalties Allocation
  • Planning effective Distribution Strategy and Trade Marketing

Part and parcel of preparing and distributing the music out there into the world are by ensuring that it reaches the audience and can be found in all the right stores. This is where digital distribution comes in. To assist you in making a more informed decision, listed below are some important points to consider when choosing the right digital distributor:

Pricing Structure:

Cost is the most significant determining factor when you are making a decision to choose the best suitable distribution company. Mentioned below are a few key features to consider.

  • Different distributors offer different business models. Some usually include a royalty fee cut, while some charge a monthly or yearly fee.
  • The amount may also depend on the number of releases and the number of digital stores you want to get your music on.
  • Some distributors might charge recurring fees.

Customer Support Quality:

Excellent customer support can make or break the reputation of any business. Therefore, it is important to check the customer support offered by the distribution company so that as an artist you have to face zero problems at the time of your release. It should be easy to reach out to the representatives of the company and seek help from them in a timely manner. You can always test this by reaching out to ask certain queries about the service and check how they respond. With some extra research online, you will probably find the desired option you are looking for. And be careful of any red flags.

The other factors to consider include:

  1. Company’s reputation in the market
  2. Selection of Digital Outlets Offered
  3. Access to reports and metrics
  4. Level of support

In order to gain exposure as an artist or songwriter, distribution companies are essential. They help you gain easy access to larger fan bases. Although all distribution companies may seem identical, each has its own pros and cons. As every artist has different needs, certain distribution companies can seem more ideal than others.

There are several digital distributors available in the market but your first choice might or might not be the right choice for you. With any music distributor you choose, always ensure that they possess the technical competencies, right resources, and relationships that can benefit your music to spread across the globe.

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